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Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

“A dog has the soul of a philosopher.”


Why Choose a Certified Pet Dog Trainer?

When you choose a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, you can be confident that you are working with a professional who has the knowledge and expertise to make your investment in dog training safe, effective, and even fun! Certified Pet Dog Trainers have dog training skills as well as instructor skills to enhance the experience and success for you and your pet dog.

Certified Pet Dog Trainers have earned this credential by demonstrating their knowledge and experience in dog training. A Certified Pet Dog Trainer stays informed of current knowledge in the field and is familiar with the latest, most effective training techniques and equipment. A Certified Pet Dog Trainer adheres to a strict Code of Ethics.

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers is committed to maintaining rigorous testing and recertification systems to provide dog owners with information to help them make an informed choice when selecting a dog trainer.

So the next time you need a dog trainer, look for a professional with the Certified Pet Dog Trainer credential. Your dog will thank you!

What Is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer?

The CCPDT's certification program is the first national certification for dog trainers. Until the creation of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers in 2001, there was no nationally available certification process for dog trainers. Many schools teach dog trainers and offer certification for their specific programs. These certificates, therefore, reflect the teachings and quality of a specific school. Other organizations offer take-home tests for "certification." These tests are not monitored, nor are the testing processes standardized.

This professional testing program was originally created by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the largest association of dog trainers in the world. Early on, the APDT recognized the need for certification for its profession. Pet dog trainers needed a credible means of measuring their knowledge and skills and the dog-owning public needed a credible barometer for choosing a trainer.

A trainer who has received the Certified Pet Dog Trainer credential has met eligibility requirements and has successfully demonstrated his or her knowledge by passing the certification exam. To meet eligibility requirements, candidate trainers must have: at least 300 hours experience in dog training within the last five years; a high school diploma or equivalent; and one reference each from a veterinarian, a client, and a professional colleague. The certification testing covers knowledge of dog behavior and application of training techniques. The exam's five content areas include: Learning Theory, Instruction skills, Husbandry, Ethology, and Equipment.

Certified Pet Dog Trainers maintain their credential through continuing education such as workshops, conferences, and hands-on seminars for professional dog trainers. This continuing education requirement ensures that Certified Pet Dog Trainers are knowledgeable about the most current research, techniques, and thinking in the field.

Certified Pet Dog Trainers also sign a published Code of Ethics, pledging to conduct their dog training sessions and relationships with their clients in an ethical manner.


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