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Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

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Dog Slobber

Hi Bailey,

I have a Pyrenees and I love everything about him except for his slobber.  I have heard that slobbering dogs could have their jowls tightened to eliminate slobber.  My dog is 3 years old and is not a show dog.  I do not want to change my dog; it is mostly for the others in the house.  I really could care less about a little slobber. 

Any ideas?  I appreciate any info that you could give. 


J.C. Andry

Bailey's Reply:

Dear J.C.,

Tightening your dog's jowls to eliminate slobber? Yikes!

This is simple. Keep your dog the way he is. Get rid of all the humans who have a problem with his drooling.



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Please remember that Bailey is busy being a dog, and can take up to several months to reply to questions. 

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