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Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

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Happy Piddles

Dear Bailey,

Hello my name is Emma Lou and I am a 1 1/2 year old miniature dachshund. I love my mom very much, but every time she comes home from work I get so excited that I have "Happy Piddles".

My mom has adjusted her schedule and now greets me outside every day. Is there any way to stop this annoying occurrence? I don't have house training issues otherwise and I'm a really sweet puppy.


Emma Lou

Bailey's Reply:

Dear Emma Lou,

Don't you just love it when Mom comes home? It's like she's been gone FOREVER, and now she's HOME! Yippeeee!!!

Okay, I'll calm down. And you should too. You have to remember to be calm when you greet your mom, or else you're just gonna lose it and piddle everywhere.

I'll bet my favorite bone that your mom is probably really excited and happy to see you when she gets home. The first thing she probably does when she enters the door is to turn all her attention to you (because everything is all about us dogs, let's face it). You can't blame yourself, Emma Lou. She's encouraging you with her excited homecomings.

“You may want to wait to have a homecoming greeting until five minutes after your mom has come home.”

If you really want to end your "Happy Piddles", then you need to keep things very calm when you greet your mom. You may want to wait to have a homecoming greeting until five minutes after your mom has come home. If she keeps pestering you for attention, simply ignore her until she has been calm for a few minutes. Once she's calmed down, then initiate calm interaction with her.

I know that it's very difficult for humans to ignore a cute puppy when they come home. But your mom needs to realize that it's the excitement that is causing you to piddle!

If you're consistent, you'll soon have your mom trained to interact with you whenever you're calm. And if you're calm, chances are that you won't feel the need to "piddle" happily. Instead, you'll just be wiggling happily.

Keep me posted on how things work out!

Happy Tails,


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