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Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

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Puppy Mounting

Dear Bailey,

We have a 9 week old female Labrador Retriever.  I noticed today that she tried to mount my son when they were playing on the floor.  Also, she tried to mount my husbands leg when he was sitting in the chair.  

She's too young to come into heat, why would she be doing this?  Is this a normal behavior for a young pup?


Bailey's Reply:

Dear B.C.,

Congratulations on your newest addition to your family!  Puppy behavior can be confusing at times, so let me help clear this up for you.

Your situation is not uncommon in puppies.  However, it's a myth that all mounting behavior in dogs is solely for sexual reasons.  Yes, some mounting is sexual, but in this type of case it's more an issue of status.  The mounting behavior is indicative that she's trying to assert herself in her new environment, figuring out where she ranks among the "pack".  The more successful she is in mounting you or your family, the more she will get the idea that she has a higher ranking. 

“It's a myth that all mounting behavior in dogs is solely for sexual reasons.”

So what can you do?  Get yourself and your puppy enrolled in a positive reinforcement Puppy Kindergarten class as soon as possible.  This will help all of you learn a common language with which to communicate.  It also helps clearly define the ranking system to your puppy without force or intimidation.  Integrate your obedience lessons into daily life activities.  In most cases, after a few weeks of PK, the mounting behaviors greatly diminish or disappear altogether.

In the meantime, I would ask that your son avoid any roughhouse playtime with your puppy as well.  Children have the ability to work up any puppy into a frenzy!  You don't want your son to create any scenarios where your puppy can get easily worked up until a well-established obedience plan has been implemented.  

Sniffs and licks, 


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