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Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

“Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend.”

Corey Ford, American writer

Dog-Related Web Sites

Whether you want to shop, get advice and tips, or simply Web surf with your dog, check out the resources below!

Dog MatchDog Match
Thinking of getting a dog? Before you fall in love with a certain breed, visit this site first. A short questionnaire about your lifestyle will help to narrow down the breeds best for you.

Pet Home Rescue
Who will care for your pet when you can't get to them due to an accident or emergency?  Get Pet Home Rescue and never worry about it!   When customers purchase one of Pet Home Rescue's products, they register with the LIFELINE database, where information is collected about the pet and the person who should be contacted to become a guardian of that pet in the event of an emergency. LIFELINE operators then contact the person registered by the pet owner as the guardian of the pet to care for the animal. Your pet's LIFELINE is dispatched to your home to rescue your pet who is in need of food, water or potentially a new home. The database also includes an option to identify a permanent guardian for the pet in case the pet owner dies.
Looking for a local dog park? Dog-friendly hotels? Where can you do stuff with your dog? What about local dog events? This nationwide site will tell you! 

Pets and People HomefindersPets and People Homefinders
Looking for a place to live with your dog? This is a great online source dedicated only to pet-friendly rentals on the Westside, Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Over 600 new properties per week and updated daily.

Kennel Club LAXThe Kennel Club LAX
If you're going away for the afternoon or a month, THIS is the place in Los Angeles to board your dog. They have ultra clean facilities and reasonable rates. The staff is wonderful. I do not leave my dog anywhere else!

Pet Tag SilencersPet Tag Silencers
Ever wonder how to keep your dog's tags from making all that noise? Get a Quiet Spot! This product has got to be one of the coolest inventions ever made for dogs. My dog loves it!

Dog HoroscopesDog Horoscopes
What's your dog's sign, baby? This is a fun site if you're into horoscopes. Heck, it's fun even if you're not. Find out if you and your dog are truly astrologically compatible!  

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