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Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

“Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend.”

Corey Ford, American writer

Lake Gregory Dog Park Information

Dog Park hours: 7:30am- dusk

  • Please, do not bring toys, chews or food (dog or human) into the Dog Park.
  • All dogs must be over 4 months old, currently licenced and vaccinated, and shall wear a visible dog licence at all times.
  • Choke, prong, pinch, or spike collars are not permitted on dogs while in the Dog Park.
  • Dogs showing aggression must be removed from the Dog Park immediately.
  • Female dogs in heat, aggressive dogs, and dogs with an illness are not permitted in the Dog Park.

See the complete Dog Park rules here.

View the plaque of Dog Park Contributors here.

Map of the Dog Park at Lake Gregory

This is a map of the southern edge of Lake Gregory. The south beach parking lot and San Moritz Drive are adjacent to the area.  The dog park is on the right side of the image, shaded in green.


We would like to send a huge thanks out to Supervisor Biane for approving the dog park and allocating $200,000 for the project!  Also, we'd like to thank Tom Potter for setting aside the land for our four-footed friends.  We could not have made the dog park a reality without you!


Latest News

Update- May 31, 2009

The Grand Opening of the Lake Gregory Dog Park will take place on June 13, 2009!  The event will be from 9:00am until 12:00pm, with the official ribbon cutting happening at 10:00am.  Bring yourselves, bring your dog, and be there to celebrate this exciting new park!

Update from Doe Huff- April 22, 2009

Things are moving quickly on the dog park. Here is a current recap: 

1. On May 2, Boy Scout Troop 251 is having a clean-up day/construction under the guidance of Scout Rennie Nance who has taken on the project to earn his Eagle Scout badge. They will be pulling up lots of low bushes, general clean-up and doing some leveling. I understand Ace Hardware in Crestline has donated concrete and tools to them for this project. We have three dogwood trees ordered and if they come in time, they will  be planting them. We also have 3 park benches ordered and they will also be installing them if they come in time. If not, they will be doing this at a later date.  

2. I need to thank all of the supporters who have donated a total of $2600 which is going to pay for the benches, trees, some fencing and donor board and plaques.

I have to also thank Bob Yeoman of Backyard Equestrian who will be installing the additional fencing to separate the large and small dog areas. The county ran out of money to do this.

Carl from Ace Hardware and Garden is also considering getting the additional fencing for me at cost and maybe some donated. I should know for sure by the end of the week.

I want to thank John Lascelles of Mountain Wholesale Tree Company who gave us a big discount on the trees, Christine Lee of Pawsitive Training who has designed and maintained the Lake Gregory Dog Park web site for over two years, Miriam Wiegel of Cuby Bakery for Dogs who donated and installed the poop bag receptacles, Larry McBee of McBee Engraving for doing the donor/support plaques at a great discount, the CCDA for handling the donations, Supervisor Paul Biane and SB County Park Director Tom Potter for making this possible, and the San Bernardino Tax Payers. I also want to thank the Crestline Humane Society for their large donation.  

3. A gala grand opening is scheduled for June 13 which will coincide with the CCDA Garden Tour and will be put on their tour. I will have more details on that in a few weeks.  

4. This project started three years ago this summer after I adopted my dog, Cassidy, from a no-kill shelter, when I contacted Tom Potter and asked about getting a dog park at Lake Gregory. He told me to see if there was any community interest. I then started a petition and got over 400 signatures. I also started a pledge campaign and got 80 responses. 75% of these folks have honored their pledges.   The work day would make a good photo op and follow-up and you can interview my future eagle scout. I would really like an article prior to May 2 so folks know about it in case they want to come and check it out.  

Give me a call if you have any further questions 338-0225.   --- Doe


Update from Doe Huff- December 26, 2007

Clarification on Budget for the Dog Park

The press release by Supervisor Biane's office (see announcement below dated July 10, 2007) was written in a way that implied that entire $200,000 was going to be allocated to the dog park.  The reality is that he did not allocate $200,000 for the dog park; it is mostly for improvements in fencing all around Lake Gregory. The allocation for the dog park is more like $25,000.  All of the pledges received are being held by Ms. Huff as she waits to see exactly what the county will pay for and what the donations will be needed for.

Revised Dog Park Groundbreaking Dates

At the last Municipal Advisory Council meeting, Marshall Riley, Superivsor Biane's representative, said that the bids received on the dog park were over the county estimate and that the project would be sent out to be rebid.  At this time it looks like the dog park will not be moving forward until Spring of 2008. 


From County Supervisor Paul Biane  - July 10, 2007 

Board approves funding for Lake Gregory Dog Park

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a $200,000 allocation for the planned Dog Park at Lake Gregory that will give frisky Fidos a place to roam freely.

Chairman Paul Biane, who represents the Crestline communities as the county’s Second District Supervisor, requested funding for the dog park from the Board’s discretionary projects budget.  ”Many residents enjoy walking their dogs around the lake, but there’s no where for them to legally let their pets roam without a leash,” Biane said. “At the new park, dogs will be able to run leash-free in an enclosed area with other dogs their size.”

The dog park will feature wrought iron fences and separate areas for large and small dogs.  The 21,600 square-foot park will be located about 100 feet from the popular Lake Gregory Fitness Trail near the east end of the South Beach parking lot. In addition to the dog park, Regional Parks plans to replace dilapidated chain link fence along the lake edge with wrought iron fence.

Regional Parks estimates the dog park and the fencing improvements will be completed in about five months.

For more information, contact:

Matt Brown, Second District Chief of Staff

(909) 387-4833

If you would like to participate and become a supporter of the Lake Gregory Dog Park, you can download a pledge form here (.pdf- one page, 88k).   Pledge forms can also be found at local veterinary offices and at Feathers Fins and Fur pet shop in Blue Jay. 

If you would like to support this new, exciting addition to the San Bernardino Mountains communities, or would like more information about the Lake Gregory Dog Park, please contact Doe Huff:


Telephone:   (909) 338-0225




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