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Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

Agility for Fun!

More than just training, agility is fun for people and dogs.  It's great mental and physical stimulation for your dog, it builds confidence, and it provides for a wonderful bonding experience for you and your dog.   

Agility for Fun! is an ongoing series of 4 one-hour sessions that focuses on teaching you and your dog the basics of agility. Our agility course includes bar jumps, a tire jump, an open tunnel, a collapsed tunnel, a teeter, a foot positioning ladder, weave poles, a pause table and a mini A-frame. Remember that this course is focused on agility for fun, not competition.  All dogs will be worked on-leash during this class, unless approval has been obtained by the instructor to allow off-leash practice.  

Our Training Location

All group classes will take place in the training yard behind CUBY Dog Bakery at the Alpine Mall in Crestline.  It is across the street from the Crestline Post Office.  Please note that enrollment is by pre-registration only!  There will be no on-site registration, so be sure to send in your enrollment form early. Download your enrollment form here.(.pdf- 39kb, one page) 

Group Class Schedules

Group class schedules can be found here.


Agility for Fun is designed for all levels of training.  All training is done on leash unless prior approval is obtained by the instructor.  Choke, prong, or shock collars are not permitted on any dog while training in class.  While this class has no prerequisites, we recommend attending our Clicks and Tricks  class prior to Agility for Fun, especially if you are new to working with your dog using positive reinforcement. 

How Do I Sign Up?

The fee for this course is $65.00 per dog/handler team for 4 one-hour group sessions.  In order to reserve a place in class, you will need to submit a completed enrollment form and class fee to the mailing address listed on the enrollment form.  Our class policies >


Once we receive your completed Enrollment Form we will contact you by telephone. We receive many registrations and it can take a few days to receive confirmation. Please do not assume your registration was received and you are enrolled in a class until you have received a confirmation. If your first choice class is full, you will be enrolled in your second or third choice, provided there is space available. Please read our policy regarding refunds. You must present proof of vaccinations before or at the first class session in order to participate.

Please carefully review our Group Class Policies.

Come learn and play with Pawsitive Training! 

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See our Course Pricing Overview for pricing details.  Plans and pricing may vary based on the needs of your dog.

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