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Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

Pawsitive Training for Better Dogs

GoodPuppy Social Club™

Puppies for GoodPuppy Social Club

Early Learning to Promote Socialization and Good Behavior

We want to help you have a GoodPuppy™:

  • That is confident interacting with other dogs and people and comfortable with different sounds, sights, smells, places, and situations
  • That accepts leadership by people and is motivated to earn positive attention (verbal praise, petting, affection, and sometimes food) by showing good manners and responding quickly to please everyone in the family--women, men, teens, and children
  • That will respond quickly and eagerly to: Come, Sit, Stay, and Down
  • That will be a very social puppy interacting well with people and other dogs

All members of a puppy's family are encouraged to attend these classes (including children 3 years of age and older). Singles are encouraged to bring a friend to help socialize puppies to all ages, sizes, and genders.

We look forward to having your puppy join the GoodPuppy Social Club™!

See our Course Pricing Overview for pricing details.  Plans and pricing may vary based on the needs of your dog.

Please contact us directly for complete details about our services:

Pawsitive Training™


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